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Mind Power 4th Edition

Mind Power 4th Edition 


The healing hands have completed its 3rd edition in a row. This is the 4th edition we have come up with is MIND POWER. The motive behind this series is to spread awareness about different techniques that are present with us so that we can rewire ourselves into a better version. 

The Healing Hands is celebrating its silver jubilee this year, to celebrate it in a grand way we are coming with amazing subjects & topics FREE OF COST so that each & every person can take advantage of it. 

We believe in spreading knowledge with the world rather than keeping it inside us.



“Mind Power” the 4th edition which was started on 1st November 2020, is a set of 21 videos on different topics which are related to the Mind, Thought process, our thinking abilities & a lot more.

Each Master who participates in this program was from different parts of INDIA. Mind Power edition was so much information that if you pay attention this program will take you out of any hurdles or problematic situation you are facing in life.

We have attended all the sessions & had a talk with roughly 50 masters within 23 days, which gave us so much information with facts & figures, which make this series incredible & knowledge.

If I have to put my views on, I would say this edition has shown us the actuality of life or let’s say our assumptions in which we are in, due to which we suffer or go through lot many problems. These problems are related to the MIND or BODY or even at the SOUL Level.

The connection between our brain & thoughts has to be on the same path or let’s say, the connectivity with both thoughts & mind & staying in the present moment… This is what this edition will make you understand. 

Mind Power not only means talking about the magical kinds of stuff, NO, but it also teaches us the ultimate source through which we can fuel ourselves to achieve anything we want in life. 

This edition talks about the importance & techniques of staying in the present moment and attracting those things we wish for. 

I a Mind Trainer have to let you know that all the major topics in this particular subject were covered very informatively including PDF & FACTS, Which will make each topic more interesting & relevant. 

Commending yourself first is the first step from where you can start your journey towards success.



Through this edition, you will be able to understand the basic and crucial meaning of life. You will be able to learn different techniques which help achieve all our dreams & wants in a short time frame. You will learn different concepts & laws to attract things & multiply them. You will also learn the Motive behind every action we take in life & even the mindset because of which we face hard times.

It is a recommendation from my side to watch this edition, to become a trainer for your own life.




If you are interested & willing to watch this set of videos, do visit our YouTube channel.



This set of 21 videos will develop the wisdom within you to heal anybody & can achieve the power to heal yourself. Being a trainer, I can assure you that after completing these 21 episodes, you will be able to become a self trainer.





Mind Power the 4th edition. A 21-day live program on achieving our goals & dreams in life. A free workshop on training self for the enlightenment & betterment for the future. This Edition was started on 1st November 2020 for 21 days continuously LIVE on youtube.


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