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The Revolutionary Bio-Magnetic Titanium bracelets with Germanium balls are the latest in technology. They are both healthy and fashionable. Bracelet is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s bio-electric field. The Quantum Bracelet promotes a positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant and bracelet help one to maintain health and well-being. Wear it on your wrist or carry it in your pocket. The scalar energy from the bracelet works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s bio-electric field. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.
Neodymium bio magnets, which are derived from the earth, hold their charge indefinitely, with no significant loss of power. The magnets are combined with Titanium metal, because it is stronger than steel, but is 45 percent lighter. Due to its strength, lightness, extraordinary corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, Titanium metal is used to make BIOMAGNETIC TITANIUM bracelets with 100% pure Germanium metal conductor FIR balls.
We provide scalar energy products that promote a positive flow of energy and help to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.
Technologies used:
Magnetic Therapy is the application of magnetic fields on parts of the body to speed healing, relative pain, and inflammation, and improve bodily functions. The magnetic therapy simulates the earth’s magnetic field and places your body in an optimum environment to heal itself.
Far infrared is the invisible band of energy that is part of the sun’s spectrum. Far infrared is the segment that provides the greatest output from the sun and is split into three different wavelengths. Of these wavelengths, in the region of four to fourteen microns are the safest and most beneficial to life.
Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of structures that deal with the creation and use of materials or devices at the level of molecules and atoms. The new scale allows manipulation on the cellar level, which enable new discoveries in pharmaceuticals, bio-defense, and healthcare. The physical, chemical, and biological properties of a material at the nanoscale differ in fundamentals and valuable ways.
Germanium has been reported to improve the immune system, boost the body’s oxygen supply, make a person feel more energetic, and destroy damaging free radicals. It reinforces vital energy, activating blood circulation. Germanium also protects against cancer, tumor, and diseases occurring as a result of exposure to harmful radiation.
Titanium has a high resistance to corruption and fine stability, which makes it leaving no any influences for its essence after long term contracting with human, therefore, it can’t bring any susceptibility to people, and became the only metal that without any influence to human botanic nerve and taste feeling. Titanium is also called “intimate-biology metal” by people. Titanium helps alleviate pain and stiff muscles by activating blood circulation.
Negative Ions are created naturally. In the sea, they are formed when trillions of water molecules crash at the shore. These negative ions have a profound effect on giving positive energy when they enter our body.
The magnetic theory revolves around the arteries around the wrist, which magnets improve the circulatory system and blood flow. The increased circulation gives the body more nutrients it needs in the blood, improving health naturally.
We offer the best quality magnetic bracelet which provides immediate relief in common conditions such as arthritis, joint and muscle pain, backache, period pain, prevention from mobile radiations, and other types of radiations.
Magnetic therapy is very safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that static magnetic fields pose no health risks at all. No complications have ever been reported with its proper use.
Magnetic bracelets should not be used if you are wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, or any other electro-medical device. Do not wear a magnetic bracelet during pregnancy.


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