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Vedic Yantra Vigyan Maling Kit

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A Vedic Yantra Vigyan can help reduce the positive or negative aspects of a planet while only the desirable positive influences. When a person has certain missing combinations in his or her is their prediction (Astrological Prediction that is very negative). Worshipping such an attuned Yantra can help a person vastly.

Each of the Hindu Deities and the Planets (in Astrology) and worshipped in various forms. There is also a link to a mantra and a Vedic Yantra’s emblem or symbol of great spiritual secrets. So, one may also use an attuned Yantra as a substitute or representation of an idol or the Deity. As per the revered scripture, ‘Devi Bhagwat’ – an attuned, prana prathishtith Yantra is akin to a deity’s ideologist in the absence of your dei ty’s idol, you may worship whole heart deadly the representative Yantra itself. 

Vedic Yantra Vigyan offers a unique approach to astrology, spirituality, and worship by utilizing attuned Yantras as powerful tools for enhancing positive influences and mitigating negative aspects associated with planetary energies. By incorporating the practice of Vedic Yantra Vigyan into their lives, individuals can seek spiritual solace, deepen their connection with deities and planets, and potentially positively impact their astrological predictions. Embracing the profound secrets embedded within Yantras, one can unlock the transformative power of this ancient practice, fostering personal growth, and spiritual evolution.


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