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Past Life Regression


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Past Life Regression involves exploring memories from the past. Some experience memories from early childhood a life different from the one they’re living now, or the space between lives. Clients can “relive” or observe these memories using any or all of their senses. The memories often contain an emotional wound or mental health issue that has never healed or resolved a lesson that can help alleviate emotional sometimes physical symptoms.

If my client chooses this method in our therapy session, I use gentle relaxation and guided imagery techniques to help tap into the subconscious mind where these memories reside. The person going through the process remains in control of themselves at all times. They cannot be able made to say anything and the session whenever all people want. Clients do not need to believe in the regressed. Most people describe the process as a very positive experience; relaxing, peaceful, and like a weight is lifted from them.
Philosophical Assumptions to Consider
The physical, spiritual, and emotional levels are not often in harmony or aligned with each other, and states of dis-equilibrium or dis-ease are created.
We are multi-leveled conscious beings with many levels of awareness ego states past life scenarios actively at play at any given moment in time.
We have an innate drive or instinct toward wholeness, integration, and equilibrium.


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