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Past Life Regression

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Past-life regression therapy addresses emotional wounds and unresolved issues by delving into memories of previous lifetimes or the time between lives. Past Life Regression involves exploring memories from the past.

Clients can “relive” or observe these memories using any or all of their senses. The memories often contain an emotional wound or mental health issue that has never healed or resolved a lesson that can help alleviate emotional sometimes physical symptoms.

Past Life Regression Therapy involves accessing memories and experiences from past lives or the space between lives. It is based on the belief that these memories reside within the subconscious mind and can influence an individual’s present life. Through relaxation and guided imagery techniques, therapists help clients enter a deeply relaxed state where they can access and explore these memories.

Furthermore, during a Past Life Regression Therapy session, the client remains in control at all times. The therapist provides a safe and supportive environment for the client to freely explore their memories and experiences. It is important to note that clients do not need to believe in the concept of past lives for the therapy to be effective. The focus is on accessing and resolving emotional wounds or mental health issues, regardless of the origin of those memories.

Many clients describe their Past Life Regression Therapy experience as profoundly positive. The relaxation and guided imagery techniques used in the process create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Clients often report feeling a sense of relief, as if a weight has been lifted from them. The therapy can help alleviate emotional and sometimes physical symptoms by addressing unresolved issues or lessons from past lives.

Philosophical Assumptions to Consider

  1. Imbalance and Disease: Past Life Regression Therapy acknowledges that physical, spiritual, and emotional levels are often not in harmony or alignment. This lack of equilibrium can lead to states of dis-equilibrium or dis-ease. The therapy aims to address and resolve these imbalances by exploring past life memories and their impact on the present.
  2. Multi-Leveled Consciousness: According to the philosophical assumptions underlying Past Life Regression Therapy, individuals are multi-leveled conscious beings with various levels of awareness. This includes different ego states and active past life scenarios that influence their present existence. By accessing these levels of consciousness, therapists can help clients integrate and achieve a sense of wholeness.
  3. Innate Drive Towards Wholeness: Past Life Regression Therapy recognizes the innate human drive towards wholeness, integration, and equilibrium. The therapy aims to facilitate this process by uncovering and resolving unresolved issues from past lives, allowing individuals to find healing and restore balance in their present lives

    Past Life Regression Therapy offers a unique and introspective approach to healing and self-discovery. People can deal with emotional wounds and unresolved issues by investigating memories from prior lifetimes or the space between lives by accessing their subconscious minds. Past Life Regression Therapy is a potent instrument to promote healing, integration, and emotional well-being by adopting the philosophical presuppositions of imbalance, multi-leveled consciousness, and the drive toward wholeness.


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