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1. Osiris Egyptian Cartouche Card

Father Figure – A Tree Stability, Wisdom, Honesty, Justice, Respect for those older and wiser, Philosophical matters, Responsibility. Osiris is the father and creator of the universe. The Osiris card represents safety and security. It is the father symbol to which one can turn for guidance and support, in things spiritual as well as in day to day life.

2. Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of Mothers Compassion, Esoteric Arts, Perseverance, Maternal Love, Nurturing. Isis is the sister-wife of Osiris, the divine mother Isis is not only the divine mother, but she is also the Patron of magic. All magical powers fall under the purview of Isis. The Isis card indicates that help from above and beyond is available to the seeker.

3. Horus Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of Families & Homes. Horus, the child of Osiris and Isis, is the Patron of Families & Homes. The Horus card represents courage, creativity, balance, the arts, beauty, and the importance of family. Adorned with the symbol of the all-seeing eye, this card embodies healing, creative expression, and the power of procreation.

4. Bast Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patroness of Cats. Bast, the sister of Horus, is the patroness of cats. The Bast card symbolizes various mental attitudes, including happiness, intuition, protection, success, devotion, mental healing, generosity, and caution. The card highlights the grace and caution exhibited by felines, reflecting Bast's association with cats.

5. Thoth Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of HealersThoth, the scribe of the Gods and the Lord of Time, is the patron of healers. This card embodies several significant aspects, including healing, education, fate, karma, the law, and recovery of the spirit. As the representation of fate and karma, the card signifies the repayment of karmic debts and the arrival of good luck.

6. Hathor Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patroness of Women Hathor, a goddess of beauty and power, is revered as the patroness of women. The Hathor card symbolizes a range of qualities including patience, courage, nurturing, astrology, self-assurance, and organization. It represents spiritual strength and embodies fortitude and the power of self-assurance.

7. Nephthys Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Hidden One A Seeker of the Truth, Spiritual Growth, Psychic Talents, Peace, and Esoteric Arts. Nephthys is the goddess of the secret home. The Nephthys card represents one who is secretive in their spirituality. It signifies a change about to happen, where the pupil emerges from the hidden study onto the academic scene.

8. Ptah Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of Men Ptah is revered as an embodiment of the Freemason ideals. This card represents the valuable lessons learned and the continuous building of knowledge, much like adding bricks to a foundation. It signifies the diligent work of a man who seeks validation within himself prove his worth through his efforts.

9. Anubis Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Guardian & Protector Anubis, the revered jackal guardian of the dead, embodies qualities of protection, humor, and guidance. The Anubis card serves as a powerful reminder that in challenging situations, a diplomatic and cautious approach, laced with a touch of humor, can pave the way for harmonious resolutions & helps in navigating challenges.

10. Set Egyptian Cartouche Card

Replete with opposition, obstacles, problems, and delays at various levels, the Set card embodies a formidable force. The Set card serves as a stark representation of the obstacles we encounter in our life, encompassing both tangible physical barriers and the intricate challenges that manifest within our own minds & help overcome them.

11. Fire

Radiating with vibrant energy, boundless creativity, and unwavering loyalty, the Fire card represents one of the fundamental elemental forces. As a symbol of fire, this card signifies the dynamic interplay of energy. It ignites our passions, fuels our ambitions, to embrace the transformative power of purification.

12. Air

Embodying intelligence, effective communication, industrious work ethic, business acumen, and the spirit of travel and teaching, the Air card signifies the second elemental force. Just as air pervades every aspect of existence, the Air card represents communication at all levels. It is the art of conveying ideas.

13. Water

Symbolizing the transformative power of change, the ever-shifting realm of emotions, and the captivating essence of flowing energy, the Water card represents the third elemental force. Water, the element of deep significance, invites us to delve into the vast landscape of our emotions.

14. Earth

Representing the realm of wealth, material possessions, the pursuit of work and business interests, growth, and fertility, the Earth card stands as the embodiment of the fourth elemental force. Earth, the foundation upon which we build our lives, reflects both practicality and the potential for abundance.

15 Sirius Egyptian Cartouche Card

Sirius, known as the Dog Star and a faithful companion to Orion, takes center stage in the Sirius card. This card signifies a profound pioneering spirit, inviting us to embark on extraordinary journeys through space and time. We awaken the strength within ourselves with this card.

16. Lotus Egyptian Cartouche Card

The lotus, a profound symbol of harmony between the celestial and earthly realms, takes center stage in the Lotus card. This card embodies the essence of peace, inviting us to find tranquility and embrace the serene beauty of nature. Like the gentle unfolding of a lotus flower, the Lotus card signifies a state of placidness and gentleness.

17. Crook & Flail Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Crook and Flail card embodies disciplined authority, mastery of the ego, and worldly status. Symbolizing leadership, the crook represents the shepherd's tool for guiding and protecting stray sheep, while the flail carries a misunderstood association with a whip. Unleash your inner leader with the symbolism of this card.

18. Uraeus Egyptian Cartouche Card

Rooted in integrity, wisdom, sound judgment, intuition, strong dreams, and mysticism, the card embodies a profound sense of discernment. It represents the art of navigating a situation, urging us to exercise caution and patience until the opportune moment to take action presents itself. Embrace the power of balance, & trust in the mystic currents of life.

19. Winged Disc Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Winged Disc Egyptian Cartouche card represents spiritual guidance, inspiration, and the potential for success. Its depiction of the winged disc, a symbol of divine protection and enlightenment, serves as a powerful reminder of our connection to higher realms. Soar to new heights with the guidance of this Egyptian card.

20. The Twins Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Twins Egyptian Cartouche card embodies the themes of partnership, integration, and the sacred union of marriage. It depicts the duality of existence and the harmonious blending of complementary forces. This card symbolizes the strength and synergy that arise when two entities join together. Discover the power of duality with this card.

21. Sphinx Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Sphinx Egyptian Cartouche card embodies strength, patience, secrecy, and the power of observation. Depicting the enigmatic Sphinx, this card symbolizes the unwavering strength that lies within us, urging us to exercise patience and persevere in the face of challenges. Unlock the power of inner strength with this card

22. Scarab Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Scarab Egyptian Cartouche card symbolizes rebirth, renewal, adaptability, acceptance, the transformative power of change, and the inevitable death of a situation. Representing the sacred scarab beetle, this card serves as a potent reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the infinite possibilities for growth and transformation.

23. Pyramid Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Pyramid Egyptian Cartouche card embodies the themes of preservation, initiation, and eternity. As a symbol of ancient wisdom and spiritual ascension, this card represents the transformative initiation or test conditions that we may encounter on our path. It reminds us of the importance of preserving our values and principles.

24. Ankh Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Ankh Egyptian Cartouche card encompasses the essence of emotional love, fulfillment, understanding, balance, the breath of life, and protection. Within the Ankh's radiant embrace, we unlock the transformative power of love, embrace the beauty of existence, and find solace in the eternal nature.

25. Buckle of Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Buckle of Isis Egyptian Cartouche card embodies the themes of fertility, loyalty, and growth, often accompanied by a sacrifice. Representing the divine feminine energy and the nurturing essence of Isis, this card symbolizes the potent life force that fosters fertility in all aspects of existence.