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Egyptian Cartouche cards are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance from the universe and their higher self. Comprised of 25 cards, each adorned with ancient Egyptian symbols, these cards are a means of connecting with the transpersonal forces that govern the world. The symbols, colors, and meanings of the cards have been handed down from century to century, embodying a deep and secret tradition.


The Cartouche has been dubbed the “Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic” due to its ability to act as a bridge between the physical world and the realm of the higher self. In the age of individual responsibility, the Aquarian Age, the Cartouche offers a means of connecting with our true selves and aligning with our purpose.


Interestingly, the term “cartouche” has its roots in the French word for bullet or gun cartridge. This name was given to the nameplate by Napoleon’s soldiers during their expedition to Egypt, as the shape of the plate resembled a cartridge. However, the Egyptians referred to the cartouche as “she,” meaning “to encircle.”


The energies captured in these cards are more than 3,000 years old, dating back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians understood the power of these energies, as did the sages who created Yantras to align our inner world with the external world. While the material world is the realm of the conscious state, our inner world is our true personality and the domain of our higher self.


In essence, the Egyptian Cartouche cards offer a means of tapping into the universal energies and aligning with our true selves. Through divination, meditation, or healing, these cards can provide insights and guidance, helping us to navigate our journey through life.


Egyptian Cartouche cards are more than just tools for divination; they hold the power to establish a profound connection with our subconscious mind and the universe. When we handle these cards, subtle vibrations are subconsciously transferred to them, and the order in which they fall during a reading is guided by the promptings of our subconscious. Through the use of Cartouche cards, we can create a bridge between our everyday persona and the needs of our inner selves, achieving a delicate balance.


Each Cartouche card is adorned with ancient Egyptian symbols, each carrying a unique meaning when upright or inverted during a card reading. There are two common spreads used for Cartouche card readings. The Horoscope spread provides insights into various aspects of life, including personality, finance, relationships, health, and career, among others. On the other hand, Star Spread focuses on specific problems, uncovering their causes, factors to consider, and potential solutions or outcomes.


Cartouche cards address problems on three levels: the spiritual or super-conscious level, the psychological or subconscious level, and the material or conscious level. No matter the issue at hand, these cards offer remedies and solutions, ensuring that every problem is tackled comprehensively.


Egyptian Cartouche cards offer a pathway to guidance, balance, and solutions. Through their symbolic power and connection to the subconscious, these cards allow individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and gain insights into various aspects of life. Whether seeking answers about the past, present, or future, or delving into personal, professional, or spiritual matters, Cartouche cards provide a profound tool for exploration and self-discovery.


This lesson will teach you about the egyptian cartouche cards. It will guide you through all the rules & regulation about the cards. The history and invention of theses cards will be explained through the online sessions.

NOTE: This session is only available in online classes, pre recorded video are not available.

Online Video calling class 120 Min  

In this lesson you will learn about the significance & importance of the cards where you you be taught about the story & interpretation process. The psychological aspect will be covered along way. Know how to connect yourself with the card energies. 

Online Video Calling Classes for 120 mins each day.

In this lesson you will learn about all the different 25 Cartouche Cards, on how to use them, their meanings in the relation of another card. This lesson will also teach you the key point on what is to be remembered & the system to work on. 

Online Video Calling Classes for 120 mins. each day 

In this lesson you will learn about the pactical uses & the process of attunement of thr cards for the accurate answers for any questions you ask them.

It will tech you about the methods on which you have to work on before doing anybody’s else’s horoscope. 

Online Video Calling For 120 Mins. each day.

In this lesson you will learn about the different techniques of answering the questions with different case study & real life examples.

Learn the most important path of this course which is the two methods, which will be explained here.  

This lesson will also focus on all the areas on how you can become a future cards reader for self & for others. 

This lesson consist of Practical Practises & doubt clearing sessions and will be sharing the certificate & material by post. 

Online Video Calling Classes for 120 Mins. each day 



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Consulting the cards can help in problems of getting married or even business related issues. 

This arid have tremendous powers & energies which can guide you with any of your problems without any restrictions. Egyptian Cartouche Cards are the advisers for any situations for life. 

The card reading can help in knowing one’s daily future / forecast which help you guide with any of your daily problems. you can also use this cards for the daily beginnings. Everyday cartouche readings are accurate but you need to be experienced to do it so to get the power to interpret them correctly. Remember this cards are not for fun.

Egyptian Cartouche Cards have the ability to Answers any of our personal problems, it can be given along with solutions & remedies. 

Any personal problems related to life or about your love life or about your sexual life it has the answer of all of it. Its just like the Cards are your angels to guide you with correct way to lead your life.

This energy does no more then stimulates the corresponding aspects within the individual’s psychology. It helps the people to get the way in many ways as the Egyptian cards guides you with the clear mindset as to how to go ahead with the problems you’re facing now. 

The problems or guidance you are wanting in order to solve the situations on life in a positive way these cards have got them all as it helps you get more accuracy. 


Looking for a new home, and want the right one, then take the help of the cards.


When you are struggling for money, the money card energy can help. By keeping it with you and see the effect.


Know what type of work one needs to do to get the best result.


It will guide you towards peace and spiritual health and wealth.


Helps you to get the job you want with the right designation and salary.


Use the protection card for traveling, or know if your travel for business will be beneficial.


The best manuscript is your life. Discover your self.


Protection is given by the cards at all levels.


Each card is a talisman in itself and can be used individually, away from the rest of the deck, as per requirement.


Each card can act as a doorway between the left and right brain hemispheres.


Each card can act as a doorway between the left and right brain hemispheres.


People who remember dreams clearly but are puzzled by it can get help through cards regarding their interpretations.


People who remember dreams clearly but are puzzled by it can get help through cards regarding their interpretations.


Can be used to send healing to others in need or effect self-healing.


1. Osiris Egyptian Cartouche Card

Father Figure – A Tree Stability, Wisdom, Honesty, Justice, Respect for those older and wiser, Philosophical matters, Responsibility. Osiris is the father and creator of the universe. The Osiris card represents safety and security. It is the father symbol to which one can turn for guidance and support, in things spiritual as well as in day to day life.

2. Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of Mothers Compassion, Esoteric Arts, Perseverance, Maternal Love, Nurturing. Isis is the sister-wife of Osiris, the divine mother Isis is not only the divine mother, but she is also the Patron of magic. All magical powers fall under the purview of Isis. The Isis card indicates that help from above and beyond is available to the seeker.

3. Horus Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of Families & Homes. Horus, the child of Osiris and Isis, is the Patron of Families & Homes. The Horus card represents courage, creativity, balance, the arts, beauty, and the importance of family. Adorned with the symbol of the all-seeing eye, this card embodies healing, creative expression, and the power of procreation.

4. Bast Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patroness of Cats. Bast, the sister of Horus, is the patroness of cats. The Bast card symbolizes various mental attitudes, including happiness, intuition, protection, success, devotion, mental healing, generosity, and caution. The card highlights the grace and caution exhibited by felines, reflecting Bast's association with cats.

5. Thoth Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of HealersThoth, the scribe of the Gods and the Lord of Time, is the patron of healers. This card embodies several significant aspects, including healing, education, fate, karma, the law, and recovery of the spirit. As the representation of fate and karma, the card signifies the repayment of karmic debts and the arrival of good luck.

6. Hathor Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patroness of Women Hathor, a goddess of beauty and power, is revered as the patroness of women. The Hathor card symbolizes a range of qualities including patience, courage, nurturing, astrology, self-assurance, and organization. It represents spiritual strength and embodies fortitude and the power of self-assurance.

7. Nephthys Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Hidden One A Seeker of the Truth, Spiritual Growth, Psychic Talents, Peace, and Esoteric Arts. Nephthys is the goddess of the secret home. The Nephthys card represents one who is secretive in their spirituality. It signifies a change about to happen, where the pupil emerges from the hidden study onto the academic scene.

8. Ptah Egyptian Cartouche Card

Patron of Men Ptah is revered as an embodiment of the Freemason ideals. This card represents the valuable lessons learned and the continuous building of knowledge, much like adding bricks to a foundation. It signifies the diligent work of a man who seeks validation within himself prove his worth through his efforts.

9. Anubis Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Guardian & Protector Anubis, the revered jackal guardian of the dead, embodies qualities of protection, humor, and guidance. The Anubis card serves as a powerful reminder that in challenging situations, a diplomatic and cautious approach, laced with a touch of humor, can pave the way for harmonious resolutions & helps in navigating challenges.

10. Set Egyptian Cartouche Card

Replete with opposition, obstacles, problems, and delays at various levels, the Set card embodies a formidable force. The Set card serves as a stark representation of the obstacles we encounter in our life, encompassing both tangible physical barriers and the intricate challenges that manifest within our own minds & help overcome them.

11. Fire

Radiating with vibrant energy, boundless creativity, and unwavering loyalty, the Fire card represents one of the fundamental elemental forces. As a symbol of fire, this card signifies the dynamic interplay of energy. It ignites our passions, fuels our ambitions, to embrace the transformative power of purification.

12. Air

Embodying intelligence, effective communication, industrious work ethic, business acumen, and the spirit of travel and teaching, the Air card signifies the second elemental force. Just as air pervades every aspect of existence, the Air card represents communication at all levels. It is the art of conveying ideas.

13. Water

Symbolizing the transformative power of change, the ever-shifting realm of emotions, and the captivating essence of flowing energy, the Water card represents the third elemental force. Water, the element of deep significance, invites us to delve into the vast landscape of our emotions.

14. Earth

Representing the realm of wealth, material possessions, the pursuit of work and business interests, growth, and fertility, the Earth card stands as the embodiment of the fourth elemental force. Earth, the foundation upon which we build our lives, reflects both practicality and the potential for abundance.

15 Sirius Egyptian Cartouche Card

Sirius, known as the Dog Star and a faithful companion to Orion, takes center stage in the Sirius card. This card signifies a profound pioneering spirit, inviting us to embark on extraordinary journeys through space and time. We awaken the strength within ourselves with this card.

16. Lotus Egyptian Cartouche Card

The lotus, a profound symbol of harmony between the celestial and earthly realms, takes center stage in the Lotus card. This card embodies the essence of peace, inviting us to find tranquility and embrace the serene beauty of nature. Like the gentle unfolding of a lotus flower, the Lotus card signifies a state of placidness and gentleness.

17. Crook & Flail Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Crook and Flail card embodies disciplined authority, mastery of the ego, and worldly status. Symbolizing leadership, the crook represents the shepherd's tool for guiding and protecting stray sheep, while the flail carries a misunderstood association with a whip. Unleash your inner leader with the symbolism of this card.

18. Uraeus Egyptian Cartouche Card

Rooted in integrity, wisdom, sound judgment, intuition, strong dreams, and mysticism, the card embodies a profound sense of discernment. It represents the art of navigating a situation, urging us to exercise caution and patience until the opportune moment to take action presents itself. Embrace the power of balance, & trust in the mystic currents of life.

19. Winged Disc Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Winged Disc Egyptian Cartouche card represents spiritual guidance, inspiration, and the potential for success. Its depiction of the winged disc, a symbol of divine protection and enlightenment, serves as a powerful reminder of our connection to higher realms. Soar to new heights with the guidance of this Egyptian card.

20. The Twins Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Twins Egyptian Cartouche card embodies the themes of partnership, integration, and the sacred union of marriage. It depicts the duality of existence and the harmonious blending of complementary forces. This card symbolizes the strength and synergy that arise when two entities join together. Discover the power of duality with this card.

21. Sphinx Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Sphinx Egyptian Cartouche card embodies strength, patience, secrecy, and the power of observation. Depicting the enigmatic Sphinx, this card symbolizes the unwavering strength that lies within us, urging us to exercise patience and persevere in the face of challenges. Unlock the power of inner strength with this card

22. Scarab Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Scarab Egyptian Cartouche card symbolizes rebirth, renewal, adaptability, acceptance, the transformative power of change, and the inevitable death of a situation. Representing the sacred scarab beetle, this card serves as a potent reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the infinite possibilities for growth and transformation.

23. Pyramid Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Pyramid Egyptian Cartouche card embodies the themes of preservation, initiation, and eternity. As a symbol of ancient wisdom and spiritual ascension, this card represents the transformative initiation or test conditions that we may encounter on our path. It reminds us of the importance of preserving our values and principles.

24. Ankh Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Ankh Egyptian Cartouche card encompasses the essence of emotional love, fulfillment, understanding, balance, the breath of life, and protection. Within the Ankh's radiant embrace, we unlock the transformative power of love, embrace the beauty of existence, and find solace in the eternal nature.

25. Buckle of Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card

The Buckle of Isis Egyptian Cartouche card embodies the themes of fertility, loyalty, and growth, often accompanied by a sacrifice. Representing the divine feminine energy and the nurturing essence of Isis, this card symbolizes the potent life force that fosters fertility in all aspects of existence.


Egyptian Cartouche cards are a set of 25 cards that are used for fortune-telling, meditation, healing, and seeking guidance from our higher self/ God/ Super-consciousness. The ancient Egyptian symbols depicted on the cards capture the essence of the forces or energies that govern the universe. The symbols, colors, and meanings of the cards ac-cord both with the designs found on Egyptian temples, pyramids, tombs and old papyri, and with a secret arcane tradition that has been handed down from century to century

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A cartouche is an ancient Egyptian name plate. Shaped like an oval with a horizontal bar at the bottom, each cartouche contains a royal name. Based on the French word for a gun cartridge, the cartouche got its name after soldiers observed the similarities of the cartouche’s shape with their bullets.

Egyptian Cartouche Cards are the set of 25 cards which helps the predictor to predict the future. the cards can be use for self and for others with permission and consent. These Cards are powerful and are accurate as compared to vedic astrology.

Purpose of a Cartouche

Traditionally, the cartouche was written on tombs and coffins to mark who was inside. The ancient Egyptians believed that each person had two souls, the Ba and the Ka, which needed to find their way back to the body after death in order to move on to the afterlife.

The standard silver cartouche at Gouzlan (either solid or open style) will be $19USD and will include a chain for that price. You can use a credit card there and they will even use a machine that bills in USD so you don’t have to pay a fee to your CC company for exchanging funds to USD. In INR it id approx. 15000/- for an original deck. 

Hieroglyphs are written in rows or columns and can be read from left to right or from right to left. You can distinguish the direction in which the text is to be read because the human or animal figures always face towards the beginning of the line. Also the upper symbols are read before the lower.

Pharaonic symbols were numerous in the life of ancient Egyptians and varied in their symbols, rituals, and use. … The Symbols for Egypt usually relate to Religion and daily life, death, and love, power, and weakness this symbols such as the key of life Ankh, The Lotus flower n soul and spirit The Ka and Ba.

Anybody can learn Egyptian Cartouche Cards. No specific degree or anything is required. Even a child of 6 yrs can learn it. it’s simple and depends upon up understanding power. 

The purpose of Egyptian Cards are to guide you with proper answers to the solutions which will bring you out of any circumstances in life. the purpose of it is to show everyone that they are the own creator of their deeps and have to fight it. for that the solutions will be predicted by the cards. 

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