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Touch Healing

detailed information about touch healing and our offerings

Origin of reiki – An eye opening journey of Dr. Mikao Usui.

Origin of reiki – An eye-opening journey of Dr. Mikao Usui.

story of how reiki was bought into existence and how reiki was evolved by different masters time to time? Through this you will also know about Mikao Usui in detail and about his researches.

Humans and consciousness – Human Empowerment

Humans and consciousness – Human Empowerment Hello friends, We are here another article on Humans and consciousness, and what was happened in Past. As all our articles are based on the spiritualism & enlightenment so, I hope you will be able to gain utmost knowledge about the different happenings of life, through which we suffer …

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Get rid of Negative Thoughts.

You want to get rid of negative thoughts, but due to lot of work pressure and busy routine we are not able to control our thoughts, emotions.

Mind Power 4th Edition

Mind Power the 4th edition. A 21-day live program on achieving our goals & dreams in life. A free workshop on training self for the enlightenment & betterment for the future. This Edition was started on 1st November 2020 for 21 days continuously LIVE on youtube.