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Humans and consciousness - Human Empowerment

Hello friends, We are here another article on Humans and consciousness, and what was happened in Past. As all our articles are based on the spiritualism & enlightenment so, I hope you will be able to gain utmost knowledge about the different happenings of life, through which we suffer from pain, stress, anxiety and work pressure or let’s say we stop ourselves from upgrading our existing knowledge. There are several ways through which a person attain consciousness.


This article will discuss those areas of ancient periods from where the format of consciousness came into picture and people started knowing the difference between consciousness, real consciousness & absolute consciousness.

In this article we all discuss about different point through which a human body reacts and what the mind set behind it is. Like The Open of Your Eyes, How to do Past Life Regression?, Asian Buddhist Gods Periods, The norm during Ashoka’s Period, The Power Of Reiki, Super Natural Power, Let’s understand the all of it in terms of Human Empowerment. 

Humans and consciousness - Human Empowerment

The Open of Your Eyes

Our country India is a country of sages and men. If we still read our Vedic texts, then we will get to know that the Gods of heaven also craved to take birth in human form in this holy land. In the early period, our sages had such teachings and powers that today we cannot even imagine them. We are looking at some of the teachings etc., which we have received from the scriptures, in our age, such as:

  • During the time of Ramavatar, Ravana had a Pushpak aircraft and without any fuel flying through the sky – today we see airplanes moving in the air. At the same time, we see the operation of propagation services by placing solar-powered satellites in the sky.
  • In the era of Rama, there is a description of fire arrows, air weapons, etc. – how Lord Rama used to leave his fire vessel and it returned to Rama after destroying the enemy army. In today’s era, we can compare the missiles made by scientists with those firearms of the Ram period.
  • Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra also continued under his direction in Krishnavataso and finished the journey of the three worlds and returned to Shri Krishna, it is also necessary to release the firearms of today’s era and return them to those scriptures. Testifies to the veracity of the narratives.
  • Our sages had such mantras and insignia by which they knew the events in the entire universe, which are mentioned in our ancient Vedic texts. When we read the ancient texts, we think that all the fantasies are fantasies – but if we think seriously, we will find that the things written in Vedic literature are true, we do not know their processes, so we do not believe them.

How Past Life Regression is powerful?

Just as in ancient times, Naradji could travel from one world to another only through his power of consciousness, so that his consciousness was so developed that he could travel around the body to the body, whereas today, through the method of past Life regression to visit the astral body Is being prepared. By this method, man can roam through the subtle body anywhere in his past, future, and even here. There has been a lot of success in this method and one can get rid of the troubles, sufferings, fears, etc. of this birth by going to the previous life.

The sages and sages of Adikal lived for thousands of years, meditated for thousands of years by drinking only the vital air, wandering through the sky, and by the power of the body, they obtained the things they needed. Maharishi Chavan regained puberty in old age. Rama Kala, which was a very long time in itself, in that period, the prolific warriors like Bir Hanuman and Jamwant, etc. lived up to Krishnavatar.

Our ancient disciplines gradually disappeared in time. Many of the teachings that our mystics had with them, but not being written off, ended up with their end. Many of the teachings our ancestors gave to their disciples under the guru-disciple tradition and as they went from one to the other and other to third disciples, there was some change in them or lost due to the interruption of one link.

How to do Past Life Regression?

Asian Buddhist Gods Periods

It is known from the ancient texts of the Buddhist period that some Buddhist saints, knew the method of making gold by mercury and with the gold made by this method, they used to run the expenses of their Buddhist Viharas, temples, and monasteries and made available the necessary funds for the promotion of religion. But today all this process is destroyed due to lack of information.

The proof of bringing man back to his natural state by relieving the sufferings through the power of touch is available to us from the times of Ramkal and Krishna. Ahilya who became a stone again became a woman again by the touch of Lord Rama. Lord Krishna revived Kubri by touch. Thousands of such examples are found in our scriptures, but its method is not available to us.

Our country India had to stay under the Mughal rule for a long time. During the Mughal rule, the ancient heritage of our country was torn down, temples were broken and mosques were built and our Vedic texts were either destroyed or sent out of the country. Even today, research is being done on our Sanskrit language texts in Germany. Our ancient and valuable texts went abroad, the secrets received in them were analyzed and they were translated into English and brought back to India.

The norm during Ashoka’s Period

The preaching of Buddhism in the Gupta Empire during the reign of Emperor Ashoka the Great was extreme in our North India. Slowly the rule changed, the ruler changed, the Mughals came, the British came. Changes kept happening. Gradually Buddhism declined from our country, but Buddhism became stable in places like Tibet-China and Japan. Gradually, what happened to the Vedic texts and ancient texts of Buddhism and many sources of Buddhism have either disappeared or some of the remaining ones migrated from our country to Tibet, China, Japan, etc.

Due to the disappearance of these Buddhist formulas, we lost this tactile treatment method which was given by Lord Gautam Buddha, and today, this tactile treatment system has become available to us in a new name and new form after centuries.

I am thankful to Dr. Mikao Usui, who, through tireless efforts, re-developed extinct lore called Reiki, and the traveling power, traveling from far away from America, returned to India in 1989, traveling through many countries.

The Power Of Reiki

The Power Of Reiki

Well, Reiki originated in India. Many mantras of the Vedas describe the healing and resolving power and the effects of speech (words) by the touch of hands. We also have a law to perform Anganayas (worship and touch of the important parts of the body) in worship and rituals. Despite all these treasures being in India, there is neither a description of Reiki touch learning in any form nor training anywhere. People in India have only known that this amazing touching healing power is only possessed by great souls like Jesus, Nanak, Sai Baba, or Buddha. Ordinary people like us cannot even imagine such power and this mindset has always been there in India and this is the same today, so this learning never gained any importance in India nor was it promoted or developed.

it is not that no one knew this discipline in India. Even if many of our saints, mahatmas, yogis, or seekers were aware of this, then they did not allow it to reach the common people, saying it was difficult and feasible. It has been an extremely negative tradition of India that every subtle science here has been suppressed or hidden so much that even today the common people do not dream of getting this knowledge.

Super Natural Power

This readily available God-given, ordinary, natural human power was presented to the people in such a way that this learning is not achieved in the same way. It is a byproduct of sitting and meditating, having attained siddhis, or is the fruit of pleasing the deity through penance. With many such things, it has established the understanding among the people that ordinary people like us cannot attain such powers and even if they are to be attained, then stay behind the Guru, keep serving him, and then that Guru will die in this simple secret somewhere. Will highlight Humans have never thought of achieving this natural power for centuries and it is the same mentality of the people of India even today. India may have known very deep spirituality and the truth of life. Even though there have been great saints and Mahatma Yogis here, every simple human power has been hidden here. Pressed and held Our excellent mindset never shared many such internal disciplines. The common people were not allowed to reach and even today the trend continues in India. The knower does not distribute his secret to anyone and is continuing his efforts to strengthen his ego and his importance.

Super Natural Power

I hope through this article you might have got the review on how a human consciousness has evolved during the time and I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.  

Time to time we come up with such articles do write us below if you have any comments on it.


Thank you


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