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Get rid of Negative Thoughts

In this material age, I am sure you want to get rid of negative thoughts, but due to lot of work pressure and busy routine we are not able to control our thoughts, emotions. Through which we often undergo the battle of negative thoughts in our mind which further starts affecting our body and then our health.


To let you know that each problem we undergo in life has a starting point, from where each disease takes place. To discuss more, we will talk about different aspects mentioned below:-

  • Generation Of negative thoughts.
  • How to forget negative thoughts?
  • How to fight negative thoughts?
  • Negative thoughts – imbalance in chakras.
  • Polluted environment – causes negative thoughts.
  • Eating and drinking irregularities – causes negative thoughts.
  • The right way to Cook.
  • Attacks on human body and health.


Let’s understand deeply each aspect which will help you know the thought behind all negative thoughts. Let me make one thing clear that thoughts cause diseases in the human body.

Generation of negative thoughts.

Generation of negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are given since childhood, that is “no”. It is advisable not to do any work which the family does not like, but we are unaware of its consequences. Can you impose your experience on your children without explaining the consequences? This is happening.

  • “Raju doesn’t do this ”
  • Raju don’t go there
  • “Don’t eat this, Raju”


“What Is our experience behind this?” Why not eat, did you inform the child about it? We trying to impose our experiences on him. As a result, the child tries to suppress his thoughts.

People say that the mind is fickle. But here I would like to say that the mind is not fickle, it is practiced by fickleness. The more we suppress our thoughts, the more our mind practices versatility. Whatever idea comes into the mind of the child tries to consume it. Like he felt like playing in the rain and caught insistence that I would play outside in the rain. We show his fear and try to stop him by showing fear of all kinds of ghosts, scolding, etc. but do not tell him why not to play in the rain. The result of this is that he tries the idea of playing in the inner rain and is looking for a chance that he will never get in the rain. This becomes the fickleness of his mind.

How to forget negative thought?

The idea is like a puri (An Indian bread which blows up once fried), the more it is pressed, the more it will be inflated. The way puri is put into the pan and presses with a spoon, the puri swells; it does not swell if it is not pressed. Our humble body continues to produce thoughts day and night and makes it enter our gross body through the subtle body. Some of our childhood memories, school or college memories (thoughts), some we wanted to do – if we could not do it, our negative thoughts, some gossip or the idea of jealousy i.e. all kinds of thoughts keeps the pressure on our subtle body.


It has been discovered from research that about seventy thousand thoughts are generated in the mind of an average person in a day, but we do not know, we are getting our work done and ideas are coming at the same speed. This is because today it has become our habit – to live in unconsciousness. A negative thought brings thousands of similar thoughts, the idea of fear also brings with it hundreds of thoughts, and these thoughts enter our gross body through our subtle body. The subtle body acts as a bridge between our gross and humorous body. If a bridge has a capacity of ten vehicles and fifty vehicles penetrate simultaneously, what will happen to that bridge? That bridge will break. The same happens continuously with this subtle body of ours.

How to Fight Negative Energy

How to Fight Negative Energy?

Negative thoughts create negative energy by piercing or bursting our astral body, just as the harmful ultraviolet rays enter the earth’s atmosphere because of a hole in the ozone layer of the upper surface of our atmosphere. It goes which is very harmful to our health and life. In the same way, negative thoughts break our subtle body, which is the shield of our body, causing various diseases in our body. One thing I would like to mention here is that different thoughts cause different diseases in our body. Even if there is a disease in our body, behind that there are thoughts related to that disease.


Because of not being able to withstand the pressure of thoughts, the physical body first feels pain, in the weakest part of the body. If we massage on that pain, then the pressure present there reduces for some time or goes to some other weak part. All these are only indications given by nature, but we do not understand them and get relief for some time by eating many types of medicines, such as palliative preventer (pain killer). Many more new diseases arise because of their side effects from eating more medicine.

Negative Thoughts - imbalance in chakras.

If we control our mental and emotional impulses, the subtle body and through it can be free from the diseases coming in our gross body. Thoughts of jealousy, envy, jealousy, fear, etc. create negative energy at a rapid pace, which creates a bright, glowing, and heavy energy in our subtle body.


If we look at energy body (aura) photography of a healthy body, then we will see golden and other colors, while if we look at a sick person, we will see more dark colors. Thoughts of mental stress affect the seven chakras in our astral body (I will talk about the chakras in the next article). They relate endocrine gland secreting hormones in the body which relates to these seven chakras. Chakras affect the secretion of hormones by affecting them. Because of negative thinking, there is an imbalance in the chakras.


Polluted environment – causes negative thoughts.

On one hand, the extreme pressure of thoughts, and on the other side, poisonous gas, polluted water, etc. in the atmosphere. Research has shown that an average person uses only 30 to 35 percent of his lungs. If our body gets less air than required, then the lack of energy will also be the same. The air that has gone inside us is also illustrious. All these cause diseases in us. If regular yoga-pranayama etc. is done, then we can use the true status of our lungs. Twenty percent of the breath we take goes into our brain. If the utilization of our lungs is less, then Pran Vayu will also nourish our body in the same proportion.


Do you know why only 30 to 40 percent of our lungs function, why not the rest? Our negative thoughts first damage our lungs and spoil their performance. As thoughts get old, they accumulate on each other and the lung capacity decreases.

Eating and drinking irregularities – causes negative thoughts.

The scriptures have always taught us to “eat less and eat emotions”. Eating less purifies the body and eating emotions purifies the soul. In almost all religions, we have made the law of fasting, for different occasions. Fasting means the least use of food, or say, the maximum sacrifice of food. Today, we eat more than our body needs, this is also a big reason for our grief. Our need is not that much, but we eat. Do we eat for our body? No! We eat for our tongue because we like the taste! We eat for our eyes because it is nice to see – we eat beauty. This is the reason that in the name of salad today, the decoration of the salad has remained only and the foreign fruit completed the remaining work. What is in the foreign fruits? They are chemical bloomed fruits which is harmful to our health.


We also eat for our nose – fragrant! Where there is a good aroma, the pleasure of eating is something else. But have we known that what is fragrant is so beneficial for our body? Today, because of the dazzle of this materiality and growing fast food center, now we eat for our ears! – we hear that such-and-such stuff is new in the restaurant! Or the neighboring family visited the new restaurant, then we said that it is behind, we will also go to the same restaurant. Looking at all these, we conclude that everyone is satisfying their tongue, eyes, nose, ears, but nobody cares about the stomach. It is the stomach that nourishes our body and converts our food into energy.


The right way to Cook.

According to the scriptures, it is said that the food cooked for over 48 minutes or chopped and chopped vegetables for over 48 minutes is called stale. But we were told that by keeping it cooked at night, food gets stale by morning. We are living in ignorance even today. If the stuff made in the first hour is stale, then all kinds of germs grow in it, and when we eat in hotels, restaurants, etc., then you understand that we are not eating food but disease. And nowadays, 2-3 days of vegetables and fruits are cut in an air-tight container to lighten the work and it is difficult to estimate how dangerous they are. Earlier, according to the scriptures, eating less and eating emotion is the identity of a yogi. More fasts have been told in our life than the number of days in a year. Fasting means eating less and sacrificing food.

Food is not only the food of human beings, because the food which does not need any other means to eat is the food of human beings such as nuts, fruits, green vegetables and more. However, we will not discuss this here much about this, but one thing I would like to say here is that we do not need any other means to eat it, we are pure human food.

Attacks on human body

Attacks on human body and health.

These are three types of attacks, so we are constantly on the move. On the one hand, we can use only 30 to 40 percent of the power given to us by nature and there are three types of attacks on us.

  • First, pressure of extreme thoughts,
  • Day-to-day pollution of the depressing environment,
  • And thirdly the irregularity of food.

How could a person be healthy in the face of these attacks? For this, we need more power which we can get by some kind of exercise, yoga, meditation, pranayama, or reiki. Among the other methods of gaining power, the Reiki method is very simple and systematic as it is unnecessary to follow certain rules like other methods in Reiki, nor is there any side effect of any kind. In the Reiki system, a person can get only beneficial energy from the universe. Through Reiki power, the chakras in the vital body provide speed and strength, because of which the five elements are systematically nourished, as a result, one can get complete health by being free from all kinds of sorrows and stresses.

I hope you have got to know a lot about how negative thoughts works, what are the starting point of negative thoughts? And how it causes difficulties in our mind, body and soul?


If you like reading the article do comment below or share it with our like-minded friends so that even they could gain the knowledge behind each action we go though in life. Each comment encourages me to write more articles on related topics.


Thank you.

You want to get rid of negative thoughts, but due to lot of work pressure and busy routine we are not able to control our thoughts, emotions.


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