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The story behind Reiki – Reiki an Alternative Therapy.

In this article we will discuss about REIKI and the story behind reiki. Reiki is an alternative therapy which means universal life force energy. This article will talk about:

  • the importance of reiki,
  • what is reiki?
  • why we should do reiki?
  • Who invented reiki?
  • Reiki a divine power and an omnipotent power.


Lets go through each topic so that we can understand more about the reiki & its story.

The story behind Reiki – Reiki an Alternative Therapy.

As part of his search, Usui traveled to China and the West to study their medicines and disciplines. He undertook a great many different types of work, eventually leading him back to Buddhism. Usui became a Tendai Buddhist monk and lived in a monastery near Mount Kuriama, where he continued his studies.

It was whilst he was living at the monastery, that Usui decided to attend Isyu Guo, a 21-day training course, to seek enlightenment. This involved living in a cave on Mount Kuriama and fasting, meditating, and praying for the days. However, on the morning of the 21st day, Usui experienced a mystical event ‘seeing’ ancient Sanskrit symbols, which he acknowledged would help him develop the healing system he was looking for. After this event, Usui set up a clinic in Kyoto, where he began to heal and teach people.

The success of this clinic, allowed Usui to travel all over Japan, taking his Reiki with him as well as teaching others how to heal themselves, he also offered healing sessions at a relatively cheap price or even for free, which meant anyone could receive healing.

Usui’s main teachings were very focused on how to heal yourself, first and foremost, which continues today in the First Degree of Reiki (Reiki One). His belief being that to be able to heal others, you first need to have healed yourself. By the time of his death on the 9th March 1926, Usui had trained around 16 Reiki Masters, one of whom was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. This would guarantee that Usui’s healing system would live on.

Dr. Hayashi had been a naval officer in Japan but once introduced to Reiki, set up a healing clinic in Tokyo. He became a Reiki Master when he was 47 years old and it would seem that he began to make alterations to the original teachings, with the blessing of Usui. Dr. Hayashi developed further the Usui healing system, introducing additional hand positions to cover more of the body and altering the attunement process. He compiled his new teachings into the Hayashi Healing Guide.

By the time of his death, Dr. Hayashi had trained about 14 students to become Reiki Masters. One of these people was Mrs. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American woman, who originally went to Dr. Hayashi for Reiki healing. Mrs. Takata was the reason that Reiki became known in the West.

Mrs. Takata was born on 24th December 1900 in Hawaii, to Japanese parents. During her life in Hawaii, events occurred that resulted in Mrs. Takata becoming ill. However, at this point, she needed to travel to Japan on a family matter and decided that whilst there, she would visit a Japanese hospital for treatment.

In 1935, Mrs. Takata arrived in Tokyo and was told that her condition was very serious and that an operation would be needed to heal her. However, before the operation, Mrs. Takata heard a voice inside her head telling her repeatedly that the operation wasn’t necessary and that there was another way. She decided against the operation and asked the doctors if there was any other way to treat her condition. The doctor told her about Dr. Hayashi’s Reiki Clinic in Tokyo and so Mrs. Takata arranged to go there for treatment, although she had not heard of Reiki before.

During these treatments, which were carried out daily, Mrs. Takata was amazed at the warmth that flowed out of the practitioner’s hands and found the experience very relaxing. Within months, the healing sessions cured Mrs. Takata of all her ailments. It was at this point that she approached Dr. Hayashi and asked him to teach her Reiki and over the next year, he taught her the First and Second Degrees of Reiki (Reiki One and Reiki Two).


Mrs. Takata now returned to Hawaii and practiced Reiki regularly over the next two years. In 1938, Dr. Hayashi visited her in Hawaii and attuned her to Reiki Master. Not long after, he asked Mrs. Takata to visit him in Japan, where he chose her to be the person to continue spreading the word of Reiki. He imparted all his knowledge from Mikao Usui and elected her his successor before he died. Due to World War II, it is said that Mrs. Takata altered the teachings of Reiki to be more acceptable to the West. Japan was at war with the West and all things Japanese were then seen as hostile. This is how Reiki has survived in the West to this day. However, more and more Reiki Masters are returning to the original Usui teachings.

By the time of Mrs. Takata’s death on 11th December 1980, she had attuned 22 Reiki Masters. These Reiki Masters have continued to teach and the Reiki Lineage grows longer every day. Reiki is the fastest growing complementary therapy being taught in the world today and this fact speaks volumes about this fantastic healing energy system.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is originated from Japan. In the Japanese language, “ray” means omnipresent means pervading the entire universe, whereas “ki” means biographical power.

It composes Human bodies of the five elements pervading the universe, and we live our lives by gaining power through the energy pervading this universe. The omnipresent energy is that, as long as the soul remains in the body, an organism survives – after exhaustion of energy we can imagine no life.

The Reiki Healing Method.

The word Reiki means the pervading life force, that is present in me and every living organism on earth, but this ubiquitous biographical power touches your palms by penetrating the seven chakras. From where, this energy is transferred in another body, it is known as Reiki healing method. It is a self-conscious force present, both in the root and conscious.

Reiki as an Electric energy – Cosmic Energy.  

Reiki is the flow of living electric energy in everything, in animals, in trees and insects, and moths. Every atom has power in them. In our body, this power manifests as prana energy. The more a person has the flow of Reiki, the more energetic, healthy, stunning, and courageous he/she is. This cosmic energy is everlasting.

It is infinite energy that never ceases. Electroretinography can characterize electromyography of the electrical waves flowing in the heart’s muscle, with an instrument called electroencephalograph of brain. If we want, we can experience the electrical energy of our body by touch.

Reiki is a divine power.

Reiki is a divine power and as soon as we come in contact with this energy, our guidance gets established, so that any hindrance in our progress in the future is eliminated.

Reiki removes the blockage in the flow of energy in the pulse and chakras (energy centers) of our body and establishes equilibrium completely. By exhaling the exhaled predates from the body, the body develops better immunity. Reiki awakens our inner wisdom and inner powers. Reiki awakens our psychic powers. By placing a charge on our aura or pranamaya kosha and physical body and emotional (manomaya kosha) makes us completely healthy. Through the chakras, it affects the endocrine glands that conduct the cries of our entire body and helps in the movement of organs. Reiki flows through various channels called nadies in yoga philosophy, and in acupuncture science called meridians.

Reiki has no connection with any religion or any other religious belief. It can be used anywhere without any illusion. Reiki is a beneficial energy power that does not harm us in any way and by its use, it gives a way to remove impurities from our body in which we experience lightness in our body & mind.

There is no need for anything other than our two hands to give or take Reiki. Once this power flows through us, it never ends and stays with us throughout our life.

It is an omnipresent biographical power, there is no need for any special time, place, or situation for its use. It can be given anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.

The structure of humans, its components, vascular system, corpuscles, bones, flesh bone accelerates the surgeon process, which gives the body a strong-glowing aura. That is, by its use, the body becomes healthy and beautiful and the aura label of the body is developed.

The Omnipotent power.

In this world, every small particles in the universe is energy-consciousness or pulsation, are the form of consciousness and we know that consciousness-form as energy or heat. This universe is the fire of Shiva and Shakti – where power and Shiva, both are complementary to each other. The other without one is incomplete. On this earth, in the sky or beyond, anything and everything we see or can see is a miracle of omnipotent power, without power, everything is incomplete and dreamy. Without power, it is neither possible nor destruction. We live our lives only because of our powers, and we end up in death as soon as our power gets over.

Our ancient sage-sages worshiped the universal power of omnipresence and those sadhus of this Sadhana: –

  • विश्व शरीरं त्वत्सदानुध्यानात्, स्वयमपि विश्व शरीरा भवन्ति

“O omnipotent power, spread throughout the universe, assuming that you always meditate on your cosmic form and in this way we become ourselves a cosmic form by meditating on the universal biographical power”

Human body or living world is just a microcosm of this immense universe. The body is only a body until it has the power of consciousness, it is the power of consciousness that makes the body vibrate.

The Garuda Purana mentions:
  • ब्रह्माण्डे ये गुणाः सति, पिण्डेवपि ते स्थिता।

“That is, all the qualities and attributes that are in the entire universe are present in this human body – the earth, water, fire, air, sky, the five elements which are present in this universal universe, all the elements are also present in this human body. These five elements together give vibrancy or life to a body, if any one of these elements is absent in the body then the body remains only a gross molecule and cannot be a living body.”

Reiki flows from our energy body aura or subtle body to our physical body. The chakras located in our subtle body or auspiciousness are grasped and sent by this divine power like step-down transformers to different voltages and shapes and send them to different Chakras and Nadis.

Who invented Reiki?

Dr. Mikao Usui was born on the 18th August 1865 in Japan and was the founder of the Usui System of Reiki or Usui Shiki Ryoho. He is also often referred to as Usui Sensei, (Sensei meaning one who teaches).

Dr. Mikao Usui came from a fairly wealthy Buddhist family, who encouraged him to study, both academically and physically. Whilst finishing his studies at a traditional Japanese Buddhist Monastery, Usui also mastered Samurai swordsmanship and Kiko, the Japanese form of Chi Kung. Usui was interested in different types of medicine, energy movement, and religions, reading widely on all subjects. Usui was looking to find a way to heal himself and others, using his hands, that didn’t deplete his energy levels and he devoted many years searching for a system. His open-minded approach towards other belief systems and religions is why Reiki is accessible to everyone. It has no religious attachments.

Why should we do reiki?

Reiki is not just an alternative method but it is a complete life philosophy. With Reiki, we can get physical, mental, emotional, ideological, and spiritual health benefits for the whole family, friends, and ourselves. You can achieve unprecedented growth not only in physical and mental but also in business.

It is also possible to create harmony with your family, friends, etc., to create a magnetic force in your aura circle, and to establish sweet relationships with all. Reiki proves to be an important role to achieve the goal of your life and to change the future to a positive outlook.

It is possible to achieve success in your business, jobs, etc., and make you successful in any kind of examination through Reiki. It is possible to strengthen your future by increasing your memory power, to live a self-confident life out of inferiority complex.

Reiki has proved to be an important role in getting rid of many types of addictions such as anger, hurts, jealousy, jealousy, despair, bad addiction, intoxication, etc. Reiki helps in removing any kind of anomalies inside you and making your life complete and creating a miraculous positive attitude in you.

The balance of power is established by Reiki.

Reiki keeps us stress-free by removing mental barriers. Reiki affects the root cause of disease spread in the human body. It destroys the root of disease through continuous practice or treatment.

The Reiki mind empowers and awakens the brain, which brings vigor in the power of consciousness and we appear happy. Reiki paves the way for somatic development and provides vigor by developing force.

The effect of Reiki energy varies from person to person according to his personality, the amount of energy that a person draws at the time of treatment.

Is the use of cosmic energy or pranic power something new?

Thousands of years old cultures and civilizations, religions, and primitive castes were aware that such energy exists and whose source is the eternal space that has no limits. Life energy flows in every tree, plants, moths, animals and birds, and all living beings. The ancient sages of Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, Japan, Mesopotamia, and India not only knew it, but they knew how to use it well.


This learning had often disappeared due to cultural upheavals, wars, and other political reasons. One reason for this was also that it was kept highly confidential. It was only after years of meditation and penance that this knowledge was told keeping in mind the eligibility of the seeker and that too in a physical form.

As a blessing of elders, saints, etc., placing a hand on the head and touching the feet of the divine disciples would create a close circuit, for the flow of this energy. Why do children become silent just by having their hands full of affection? Because when we flow with hands filled with love, happiness, and compassion.


I hope this article was useful to you in knowing the story or let’s say the origin of REIKI.  Do comment below your view on how you liked the article and also your suggestions on the topics we can come on every day. Your comments & views motivate me to work & post new things related to spirituality on my blog.


Thank you!

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