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Origin of reiki – An eye-opening journey of Dr. Mikao Usui.

We all know the meaning and happenings of reiki. But do you know the origin of reiki – a journey of Dr. Mikao Usui. This article will let you know the full story of how reiki was bought into existence and how reiki was evolved by different masters time to time? Through this you will also know about Mikao Usui in detail and about his researches.  

Origin of Reiki – An eye opening journey of Dr. Mikao usui covers:-

  • Reiki is a Japanese technique.
  • Mikao Usui’s story – the foundation of reiki.
  • Mikao Usui wanted to serve the poor.
  • Two primary rules of reiki.
  • Evolution of Reiki.
  • Chujiro Hayashi treated Takata Hawayo.

I hope you will be able to gain utmost knowledge about the origin of reiki and Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a Japanese technique.

This endangered science was discovered by Japan’s Mikao Usui. Along with being Christian, he was also complicit in Buddhism. The nineteenth century is very important in the history of Japan. By the end of the 17th century, the Mize era had begun. Political, economic, and social changes were taking place in Japan and modernization was taking place in Japan. Christian missionaries were preaching Christianity. In the Christian School of Kyoto City, Dr. Miko Usui was the dean. This name is very well known in Japan today. One morning one of his students asked him if he believed in the Bible. Do they understand what is written in it or is there only superstition in those thoughts? Usui’s answer was positive. Dr. Usui said that they understand everything written in the Bible. At the same time, another question arose that Jesus Christ used to heal any disease by touching, he used to do welfare of others with his own hands? If this is true then why are there no such people in today’s age? Dr. Usui could not answer these questions and was in a dilemma as he had no answer. Dr. Usui was determined to find answers to these questions and resigned from the school.

After resigning, he first studied intensively for seven years at the University of Chicago’s School and received his doctorate. But his curiosity did not calm down because he did not meet the questions to which he wanted answers. Frustrated with Chicago, he returned to Japan and started searching for knowledge again. He knew that even Gautam Buddha used to free people from their pain. To get information about this started going to Buddhist monasteries. But even there, his curiosity did not calm down because wherever he went, he got only one answer that “We are engaged in the work of keeping the soul healthy, they have no way to keep the body healthy”.


Dr. Mikao Usui’s story – the foundation of reiki.

In the end, Dr. Usui met a monk of the Buddhist monastery who encouraged Dr. Usui and said that if Mahatma Buddha could cure someone’s disease by touch, then any person can do this work. Dr. Usui became very excited and started reading Buddhist philosophy. Despite hard work and day and night study, he did not get any success. With his curiosity, he went to China, learned the Chinese language, and studied many scriptures, and also met many mandarins. But he was disappointed there also. He went to Tibet from there and studied in Buddhist monasteries there. He came to India and learned Hindi, Sanskrit languages. During the study of a book titled “Padma Sutra” and Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, he saw some hope. Dr. Usui extracted some formulas from this book and left for Japan.

Dr. Usui decided to do spiritual practice by going to a mountain called Kuriyama, 17 miles from the city of Kyoto, Japan. Upon reaching the mountain, he chose a suitable place and sat in the austerity of 21

days. Since they had neither a calendar nor a watch, they put 21 stones in their bag for a count of 21 days. Turning eastward, Dr. Miko Usui started penance by sitting in a state of samadhi. He was completely immersed in this practice. As soon as the penance of one day was over, he used to throw stones out of one of their bags. This sequence continued for twenty days but he did not feel any kind. Dr. Miko Usui’s body was completely weakened by hunger and thirst and he started seeing death. The 21st day was still left, so he did not give up and he remained steadfast in his penance even for the last day.

Last day during the austerity, Dr. Mikao Usui saw a bright light from the east direction coming towards him. He was terrified and could not understand what to do. He tried to get up from there but could not get up due to physical weakness. As if he was feeling death and then that white light beam Dr. Mikao Usui’s forehead hit the command cycle. Dr. Mika Usui became furious due to the excess of this light, but he was getting a sense of wisdom from some strange person. He felt as if he is wrapped in a sheet of light like a white light and like a colorful rainbow, the light is spreading all around.

Dr. Mika Usui remained in a state of semi-consciousness for quite some time. It was noon when he regained consciousness. He was quite weak when he was unconscious, but at this time when he tried to get up, he felt that a strange feeling came in him and new energy started to be felt in the body. He stood up very easily and started coming down the mountain. This was the first miracle of his life. Due to this miracle, he was very happy and was eager to share his success with the Buddhist monastery. He started descending rapidly down the mountain, but then his foot hit a stone and his right foot’s thumb hurt and started bleeding. His hand automatically moved towards the torn limb and the blood stopped when touched by the palm. The pain often disappeared within a few moments. This incident was the second miraculous event in his life.


Dr. Miko Usui had not eaten anything for the last 21 days, so he was hungry. Descending the hill, he saw a simple Dhaba (mini Restaurant) in front. He sat in that Dhaba and ordered to bring a lot of food for himself. The old owner of the Dhaba did not accept his order by looking at his face that this person was hungry for the last several days and he gave Dr. Mika Usui is advised to take a liquid food that is absolutely light. But Dr. Mako Usui did not accept his advice and repeated the order to bring complete food for himself.


The granddaughter of the owner of that dhaba served food. Both his cheeks were swollen seeing Dr. Mika Usui asked her, she came to know that there is a pain in the teeth due to which her gums and cheeks have become full and since her parents are poor, it is not possible to go to the city and treat her. Dr. Mikko Usui took his permission and placed his palms on both her cheeks. After some time when Dr. Mika Usui removed her hand from the cheek and was surprised that the swelling of her cheeks had ended and her pain had also reduced. This was the third miraculous event in his life. After that Dr. Miko Usui ate a lot of food without any trouble. This was also a surprising thing for him. Now Dr. Usui was convinced that as a result of almost fifteen years of research and twenty-one days of meditation, he has received this method of treatment without medicine, which was later known as Reiki.

Reaching Kyoto city Dr. Mikao Usui met the Buddhist monastery. The monks were also suffering from many diseases and they had great difficulties even while walking. Dr. Miko Usui treated those by touch and within a few days, they became completely healthy. Looking at all this, Dr. Miko Usui realized that there was a power that he was waiting for. He became convinced that he could infuse disease by touching anyone.

Dr. Mikao Usui wanted to serve the poor.

He discussed this with the monk and decided that by going to the beggars’ colony, treating the weak, grieving, and helpless people, they will give them health benefits and motivate them to live the life of an ordinary citizen. Dr. Mikao Usui started selflessly serving the beggars. With his tactile power, the Buddhist monks of the monastery, who had guided and encouraged Dr. Usui in his research of Reiki, went to him and informed him about his success. Those monks were also suffering from many incurable diseases, which Dr. Usui overcome with touch therapy. Now Dr. Usui became confident of being able to grow spiritually by providing a healthy body and self to others through the Reiki method. And at the same time, he got the ability to train this method. Dr. Usui wanted that with this miraculous healing method, he should serve the dejected poor and he went to the monks’ house and started serving the poor and inferior poor. The beggars could get the health of body and mind and go into society and start a new and good life.

At the end of the seventh year, while serving in the monk’s house like this, he realized that some well-known faces were seen in the beggar’s colony. On being asked, it was found that he was the one whom Dr. Usui sent to the society after being recuperated, but being disenchanted with the burden of accountability, he pretended to be a beggar and unwell and again took shelter of begging.


Two primary rules of reiki.

Dr. Usui wept to know this. After thinking carefully, he after meditation found that those people could not take advantage of Reiki due to the following two mistakes.

  1. What is found without asking does not have importance in life.
  2. Freebies also do not last long. There is no sense of accountability, so in the scriptures, there is a strong emphasis on service and Dakshina (energy exchange) along with worship and practice. Therefore, nothing is important in life without exchange.

Evolution of reiki.

Now Dr. Usui left the beggary and came to society and started Reiki healing based on these two primary rules. He traveled extensively in Japan and disciple eighteen young men who traveled with him. Those people also used to tell about and treat Reiki. This method expanded in Japan. Before the liberation of his life in the early twentieth century, Dr. Usui entrusted the entire responsibility of propagating Reiki by making him one of his most devoted disciples, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who was a retired officer of the Navy.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi established the first Reiki treatment center in Tokyo city and while doing the treatment, it was found that Reiki affects the root cause of a person’s diseases. On the one hand, there is a possibility of getting rid of the disease in the life of the practice of Reiki, on the other hand, through its practice, it is also possible to remain healthy and healthy if there is loyalty.


Dr.Chujiro Hayashi treated Takata Hawayo

In 1935, there was a Japanese woman named Takata Hawayo. Suddenly, as a widow in her youth, she succumbed to many diseases. She came to Japan after being advised to undergo surgery for immunity. She got information about Dr. Chujiro Hayashi’s Reiki Treatment Center on the operation table when there was an internal case of immunity without operation.

Takata Hawayo got her treatment done under the care of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi at the Reiki Treatment Center. Seeing that after a few months of treatment, the woman who was suffering from many diseases and was in the mouth of death, became completely healthy. Takata winds were severely affected due to the attainment of health by Reiki. She wanted to go ahead in this field and serve the people as her goal in life. Due to her determination, strong intentions, and morale, she advanced to the Reiki field and became a Reiki Master in 1938.

Dr. Hayashi was also an enlightened and divine seer. She thought that the Second World War was about to take place. And in that, there is going to be destroyed in Japan. Neither did she want to see this destruction nor participate in violent tendencies as being a navy officer. Ultimately, Dr. Hayashi entrusted the Takata Hawayo full responsibility for the safety and propagation of the Reiki system. On May 10, 1941, Dr. Hayashi wore special clothes and sacrificed his body in the presence of his relatives, friends, acquaintances, and disciples, by initiating the use of Reiki in America.

Takata Hawayo ceremonially performed the funeral of Dr. Hayashi. She went to live in her hometown of Japan for a while. After the completion of World War II, she went to America to promote Reiki. From 1970 to 1980, Takata Hawayo prepared 22 masters along with Reiki healing and training, made two Reiki associations, and on 11 December 1980 she was relieved of her body in front of her colleagues.

After Takata Hawayo, her dear colleague Phyllis was entrusted with the responsibility of propagating and training Reiki. In 1989, a female Reiki instructor, Paula Horen, came to her friend’s house and gave information about Reiki. Some people got amazing results by treating them and the first-degree training camp in India was done for 30 persons. In 1991, two Reiki trainers in India started promoting Reiki in every corner of India and also made many Reiki trainers.


Well now I know that you are clear about how Reiki was performed for the first time through Dr. Mikao Usui and his work behind it. You have known about the evolution of reiki as how it change through different masters. I hope you liked this article. Please do leave a comment below so that I could come up with more new articles on such topics.


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