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Humans and consciousness – Human Empowerment

Humans and consciousness – Human Empowerment Hello friends, We are here another article on Humans and consciousness, and what was happened in Past. As all our articles are based on the spiritualism & enlightenment so, I hope you will be able to gain utmost knowledge about the different happenings of life, through which we suffer …

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Get rid of Negative Thoughts.

You want to get rid of negative thoughts, but due to lot of work pressure and busy routine we are not able to control our thoughts, emotions.

How to stop getting sick – Free yourself from all diseases

this article we all discuss about different point through which a human body reacts and what is the our mind set behind it. Like why do we get sick? How do we get rid of the disease? How to stop getting sick? How medicines make us unhealthy? About the body consciousness – an ongoing process of our routine, the Power of cosmic energy which help our body to get heal followed by the significance of chakras in our body. Let’s understand the all of it in terms of spiritual mannerism and life truths.

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