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Understanding Spiritual Health



We all understand the basic meaning of spirituality. But here, the motive behind writing this article is to let you know the importance of being spiritually healthy & leading a life but fulfilling all aspects of life, mentally, physically, or even on the soul level.

Since the time I got introduced to spirituality, I always had a curiosity in mind to say that what is the end purpose of it?? What is the technicality behind this science? I am pretty sure that I have been able to find some concrete answers for you.


This video will tell you about how & why A person should stay healthy?

What is the process of achieving all those you want in life?

What is the algorithm between the mind, body & soul? There are lots deeper this if you listen to my video once. According to me, Spiritual health is an important aspect on which every one of us should work. Spiritual health includes a purposeful life, Transcendence & actualization of different dimensions of life so that it creates a balance between psychological, physical & emotional aspects of individuals.


I have understood that we all possess tremendous powers within. As we look into the ancient people, they had the energy to create fire anywhere & everywhere, for example:- “GOD”


Now, GOD is a creator & destroyer both so, Who were they?? Even they were humans, so what is the difference between HUMANS & GOD? Ultimately to simplify it, As per our old belief systems, god is the name is some superpower who can fulfill all our demands. May it be anything. So this video will tell you the reality of life that “YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE” It’s a matter of making the right choice at the right place, to improve your lifestyle, to bring your dreams into reality. It is all possible when you start listing to yourself, which means meditation.


Meditation means pure silence. Pure silence not in the surrounding but in your mind, Who is the commander of your system. The moment of being quiet & feeling the silence develops the power of patience inside us.

The second is Self-acceptance. The most important part of spirituality, as spirituality means loving self & all about prioritizing self and believing in self because you are the universe itself.



There is a lot we can talk about I would love if you comment down your thoughts, in the comment section. We can discuss the topic in-depth. All of us need to understand this part of life, which plays a vital role in our lives. I am glad & thankful to the universe, to experience & learn this aspect at a very young age, which makes me more confident in life & doings in life. If you have an interest in spirituality or understanding some part of it, then comment below! I am always here with you.






Spiritual health means the balance between psychological, social & physical level. Spiritual health makes a lot of os difference in life if we get to understand the real meaning of it in detail. The video will make you understand the detailed meaning of it.


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