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Healing with light 1st edition

The healing hands completed its 25 years of education & teachings of different healing & spiritual modalities with more than 15000+ people all over India.

The motive of us starting this free workshop on YouTube live is to promote the path of spiritual wisdom & different aspect so that we all can understand the ultimate purpose of life. 

This EDITION consists of 21 videos on YouTube that cover various modalities of healing techniques in detail. Master from different parts of India joined together to contribute their knowledge & teachings about their topic to the world. 

To summarize the edition:-

I would say this edition comprises of all types of major healing modalities that talk about the ART & SCIENCE of each topic. Masters with the highest experience & knowledge have gathered from more than 10 different states. If we look into the edition, it talks about all the aspects of life which directly or indirectly affect our thought patterns which result in the physical, emotional, or mental level. To be more specific the master has managed to cover all the different & general problems we face in day to day life & the science behind it. 

Knowledge to be taken from this edition 

Healing with light the 1st edition has a lot to take from as it is the only platform from where you can gain the most about spirituality & spiritual health. Following things, You can learn from this edition which is –

  • The importance of healing.
  • How we can heal ourselves.
  • From where to choose our guide.
  • Which modality of healing suits you?
  • Which aspects of your life are creating problems?


And a lot more I would suggest you, go through all the videos so that you can attain the knowledge of healings & types of healings.

This session has personally taught me lots of things even though we had so much experience about it. Indeed, it was a wonderful session for 21 days consciously started on 15th August 2020. 

The masters who participated in the process of sharing & spreading the knowledge with the world free of cost were also acknowledged with the certificate of appreciation by our organization. 




If you are interested & willing to watch this set do videos do visit our youtube channel.


his set of 21 videos will develop the wisdom within you to heal anybody & can achieve the power to even yourself. Being a trainer I can assure you that after completing this 21 episodes you will be able to become a self made healer. 



Healing with Light is the 1st edition started from 15th August, 2020. The series of edition was started on the celebration of silver jubilee. This particular edition is on the topic of Healings & Different healing modalities.


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