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Fortune Tellers 3rd Edition

Fortune Tellers 3rd Edition


The healing hands completed its 25 years of education & teachings of different healing & spiritual modalities with more than 15000+ people all over India.

The motive behind starting this free workshop on YouTube live is to promote the path of spiritual wisdom & different aspect of life so that we all can understand the ultimate purpose of our life. 

This EDITION consists of 21 videos on YouTube that cover various modalities of FORTUNE TELLERS. Master from different parts of India joined together to contribute their knowledge & teachings about their topic to the world. 



FORTUNE TELLERS 3rd EDITION is different from the last edition. FORTUNE TELLERS includes all major modalities of future prediction. Such as TAROT CARDS, VEDIC ASTROLOGY, CARDS PREDICTIONS, VASTU, PALMISTRY, FACE READING & a lot more. Teachers & Masters gathered from all over India, to spread their knowledge about the topics free of cost so that we all can gain the right education directly without any distractions. I Would Say that all the masters who joined together in this wonderful learning session every day for a specific time have done a great job. Most of the masters gave their 100% in spreading the knowledge with the world. Each & every session has contributed a lot to society free of cost, which makes this particular edition informative & helpful for each one of us.


When we started this session, we had no clue about how this edition will go on. 

But honestly, meeting more than 45 masters from all over India within 21 days, was an eye-opening session for us being, a doctorate in Astrological Sciences I have been experiencing a lot of questions from clients, but these sessions, with all of them, has given me a chance to learn more n more, may it be about the life or physiology of life. 


All the major topics were covered, with the best explanation through experienced masters of India. This edition has a lot to provide if you have an interest. Each topic are explained in-depth.



Through this edition you will be able to learn about the magic of numbers, you will know how to predict certain things for yourself, you will know how things are inter-related in life, how to redirect your own life & a lot more,


I feel that all the master tried their level best to spread the knowledge about the ancient techniques of future prediction. You should have a look at the FORTUNE TELLERS series if you have some interest in knowing your future or solve your upcoming problems.






If you are interested & willing to watch this set of videos, do visit our YouTube channel.


This set of 21 videos will develop the wisdom within you to heal anybody & can achieve the power to heal yourself. Being a trainer, I can assure you that after completing these 21 episodes, you will be able to become a self-made Fortune Predictor in some topics.




Fortune Tellers is the 3rd Edition which includes all the major topics of future prediction. 21 topics for 21 days live on youtube.
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