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7 Stages of soul Evolution

This article will provide you with a detailed description of the stages of soul evolution. You will learn about the different levels and how they affect your life. This is for those who are interested in self-growth and want to know more about their spiritual journey.

Soul evolution is a process that every human being goes through in his or her lifetime. It is a process where we grow spiritually, and it can be divided into 7 stages which are as follows:

By the end of this article:

  • What is the soul?
  • What is the Infant soul?
  • What is the Baby Soul?
  • What is the Young Soul?
  • What is the Matured Soul?
  • What is the Old Soul?
  • What is the Transcendental Soul?
  • What is the Infinite Soul?

What is the soul?

The soul is the insubstantial essence of living organisms. The knowledge of the soul provides clarity to one’s life. The stage of the evolution of the soul is through wisdom and perception. Maturity doesn’t come with age; it comes with perception and experiences. 

It’s the wisdom that leads to the growth of the individual’s soul. The evolution of soul is not a complex but a simple process. There are seven stages of the soul evolvement- the first five stages of evolution can be recognized using the five fingers of the hand which denotes the five souls- the infant soul, the baby soul, the young soul, the matured soul and the old soul. The sixth soul is the transcendental soul and lastly, the infinite soul

What is the Infant soul?

The first soul of reincarnation; infant soul, the soul is concerned about the physical needs.

The characteristics of infant soul can be observed

  • Raw, untamed,
  • Playful, excitable,
  • Unsophisticated, tribal, cautious
  • Childlike, group-reliant,
  • Childish and innocent to the complexities of life.


The infant soul is pure and performs no karma. The newborn baby is pious and unaware of the good and evils of life. It is an innocent soul. 


At the end of the infant cycle, the infant learns to adjust with the body  growth and it leads to a sense of understanding as already experienced the pleasure of life. 

What is the Baby Soul?

The second stage of soul is the Baby Soul which does not take its own responsibility but is independent.  The key characteristics of the baby soul can be explained as:

  • Mind acquainted from the society and accordingly like politics, trends and situation
  • Desires to explore the world
  • Communal action
  • Prefers group
  • Doesn’t take own responsibility but also not dependent
  • Taking care of self
  • Curiosity to explore
  • Easily influenced by social circles/trends
  • Influenced by social circles
  • Blame their destiny

What is the Young Soul and Matured Soul?

The third stage is the Young soul that follows their mind and creates karma. The primary qualities of the Young soul can be explained as:

  • They have a strong will power
  • They are energetic and enthusiastic
  • They are materialistic in nature
  • They have an urge to prove themselves 
  • They are in constant search of money, intelligence and success.

The objective of the young soul is “I, me, and myself”. They are super ambitious and keep multiplying their needs since they are insecure. They constantly plan for future and wish to establish themselves as extra ordinary. 


They focus on the exterior intelligence and ignore their inner self. They focus in their achievements. The young souls are found in politics, business, trading centre, and financial house. The young souls are selfish and do not care about the people around.

With the end of the young soul, begins the fourth soul i.e, matured soul where the questions arises,’ who am I?  Why am I here? What is my purpose of life?’


The matured soul is completely different from the young souls. Money does not please them. Instead of living in the materialistic world, matured souls live in the world of self realization. They seek for happiness and peace which money cannot provide. 


Spiritualism is practiced in the whole world. They seek inner satisfaction and peace. This provides a relaxation to their mind and body. They engage into social service. They serve mankind. In this cycle, the karmic debts start to get paid off.


The world is heading towards progress; people are now in search of truth. People work from I to us. They work for community welfare. 


The Healing Hands has their own organization which believes in charity and helps the people fulfill their needs. 


Love is the essence of the matured souls life. These are fearless and matured to handle all kinds of situation of life. At the end of this cycle, they are the truth seeker and Meditation is the key to enlightenment.

What is the Old Soul ?

With the end of the matured soul, the fifth soul takes takes i.e, the old soul. Meditation is the key to all the questions. The old soul are experienced, they have all the answers to the questions. This soul knows the reality.



Love is the essence of the old soul; they share their life experiences to guide the path. People no doubt; learn through their experiences, but the old soul guide the path to be covered. They believe in one-ness. Like vision, like creation. The soul does not age; it has no religion or special place.


The soul is shapeless. It is immortal and resides in the human body; body which is mortal is the native of the soul. Since love is the essence, you need to love one another as you love thyself. The behavior and language is the reflection of life.


The old soul speaks about vegetarianism – they believe their food affects their life. They promote non violence as non violence is the ultimate dharma as god is the creator of all beings. All creatures has soul within which is none other than god; hence it needs to be respected and loved too.


Meditation gives the power of self realization. Love is the essence and everyone needs to be loved but there is no point of attachment. The old soul believes in detachment.


Life is to be lived without any enchantment or affection; love and affection are two different things. Love is selfless and affection is selfish. The journey of the path of soul is love. 


The stage of soul evolution ends with the old soul.

What is the Transcendental Soul and Infinite soul?

The six and seventh stages are Transcendental Soul and Infinite Soul which are free souls. These are the great saints who are born only on purpose on their wish to teach the world a lesson and they aim at the welfare of the society. 

About the Speaker: The lecture is delivered by Dr. Ritu Agarwal. Refer the video for the detailed analysis of the seven stages of soul.  

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