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‘Lama’ means Sadguru and ‘Fera’ means technique i.e. a technique of Sadguru through which journey from life to death and death to life becomes easy and peaceful.

Lama Fera is being practiced by Tibetan Lamas since ages. Based on Buddha’s process of healing, they developed this technique.

Our body has three planes of existence – physical plane, the astral plane, and the spiritual plane. Our whole plane is composed of the physical body, etheric body, mental body, and emotional body. It is life energy or chi that anchored in all these lower bodies of man. The energy field or stream has to be balanced for vitality and good health in all four bodies. Our seven major centers of light i.e. Chakras govern this flow of energy. When this energy is blocked due to psychic attacks/ black magic/ entity attachments, negative consequences happen such as ill-health, mental problems, financial blockage, and in some cases accidents too.

Lama Fera healing awakens the soul towards its ignorance through the powerful energies of lord Buddha, Sangha, and Dhamma. The realization of the soul helps in overcoming his ignorance and releases his blockage.

This allows energy fields to balance in all planes. It means easing the flow of energy streams in all seven chakras and balances in the fire, air, earth, space, and water element of the body. This further balances male and female energy. By balancing above a person get healed completely from all the negative energies.

Also, the energy sealing process using Lama Fera stops further leakage in energy due to future attacks. Once the purification, healing, and sealing of energy is performed on all planes, a person gets completely free from all sort of negativity.

Lama Fera is a very powerful healing modality by which any kind of negativity, black magic, spell, entities, Karmic blockages, critical illness, financial blockages can be removed.


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